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K4816 Kontronik Kosmik 160 HV ESC

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K4816 Kontronik Kosmik 160 HV ESC      With the new KOSMIK KONTRONIK defined a new high-end level. Optimally protected in a plasti...

K4816 Kontronik Kosmik 160 HV ESC 



With the new KOSMIK KONTRONIK defined a new high-end level. Optimally protected in a plastic case covered by two aluminum plates the KOSMIK conceals its interior: power stability to 200 A and a voltage range up to 14 S. Also included are anti-spark, RC car mode with reverse option and high part load capability even at high power. So the KOSMIK can cope with all requirements you can have for an ESC of superlatives.

The KOSMIK‘s new cooling concept with two aluminium plates and optional heat sinks allows operation at extreme high contiuous current. No other KONTRONIK ESC could ever take that high current.




One important feature of the KOSMIK is the strongest BEC KONTRONIK has ever developed. With a voltage from 5 V up to 8 V and a current capacity of 7 A continuous and up to 20 A peak the KOSMIK is the ESC for the most demanding tasks. The KOSMIK hast two BEC ports which have to be used when high BEC current is required. The two BEC cables are included in the package.

Screwed instead of soldered

No wires. This is maybe the first thing you notice looking at the new KOSMIK. In order to handle the enormous power the KOSMIK is provided with gold tabs instead of the familiar soldered cables. Before usage cables and tabs are connected via screws and cable shoes. This concept makes exchanging cables easy and forms a reliable high current connection.

Data interfaces

Therefore the KOSMIK, in addition to three connectors for sensors and telemetry, provides a fast micro USB port in order to give out and process operation data.



The well-known and proven KONTRONIK Mode-Programming is also implemented in the KOSMIK. Thus, the ESC is rapidly deployable and can be customized for different applications within the shortest possible time.

PROGDISC compatibel

The KOSMIK can be parameterized using the KONTRONIK PROGDISC. This allows to change individual parameters and helps to adjust the KOSMIK to your personal preferences.

Online updatable

Of course, the KOSMIK is also updatable online. This allows software updates easily set at home. Long downtimes caused by sending and waiting are a thing of the past.


Equipped with two bi-colored LEDs the KOSMIK offers a wide range of signal outputs. These can be used for both diagnostic purposes, as well as for programming support.


As the first KONTRONIK ESC the KOSMIK offers the possibility of recording operating parameters internally. Internal recording delivers more detailed data than an external system could ever supply. With the high recording capacity and speed KONTRONIK delivers state-of-the-art technology.

MicroSD Card

All recorded data are written on a MicroSD card. This enables a flexible analysis of a great data volume.

For viewing the logging date we recommend for example the cost free LogView which can be downloaded here: LogView To initialize please load here. Load Celsius.lov or Fahrenheit.lov. To use please import the lov data by using Datei / Gerähtedatei importieren.



  • 5-14 S LiPo
  • 20-59 V
  • 160 A continuous current
  • 320 A peak current
  • BEC 7 A continuous current
  • BEC 20A peak current
  • 109,2 x 53,2 x 28,6 mm
  • 200 g without cable
  • 337 g with cable


Order # 4816

BEC short circuit protection
Auto Programming Mode
Stick positions programmable
Mode programming
PROGDISC ability
Online update ability (OUF)
RPM control
Autorotation mode
EMF brake can be adjusted*
Proportional brake
Short circuit protection
False start protection
Polarity protection
Current limiting
Overtemperature protection
Undervoltage cutoff
Can be disabled
with automatic adjustment for cell count: Li-Ion / LiPo / NiCd / NiMh /LiFePo
Variable cutoff voltage per cell *
Slow down instead of cutoff *
Active freewheeling circuit
LED status display
Overload alarm
Reversable rotation direction
Data logging
Anti spark
USB port

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