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FF950-00092 Freefly Alta 8 Pro

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USD $15,995.00
FF950-00092 Freefly Alta 8 Pro  Shipping rates for this item apply to EMS or small sized air packet only.  If you choose shipment by Fedex or others, extra shipping fees will be required...

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FF950-00092 Freefly Alta 8 Pro

 Shipping rates for this item apply to EMS or small sized air packet only. 
If you choose shipment by Fedex or others, extra shipping fees will be required. 
Separate email for the extra funds required will be sent after order placed. 
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Alta 8 Pro forges new paths in autonomous movement with its state-of-the-industry technology stack. Open PX4 integration means you can expect silky-smooth implementations including:

  • Complex waypoint-guided autopilot
  • PX4, QGroundContol and Pixhawk flight planning
  • Third-party app / utility integration using dronecode or mavlink
  • Advanced, high-bandwidth position hold


Alta 8 Pro Features

Quick Release

Alta 8 Pro utilizes Toad in the Hole quick release at top and bottom for unparalleled speed and flexibility.

Flight Time

Efficient and lightweight architecture means exceptional flight time, even with demanding payloads.

Small Footprint

Alta 8 Pro transforms from the world's most capable drone to the most portable in minutes, thanks to folding props and folding swan neck booms.

Built to Perform

Balancing performance and efficiency, the Alta 8 Pro airframe weighs only 13lbs but can carry a 20lb payload.


Alta 8 Pro continues the Alta legacy as the first multi-rotor drone to accept a camera on the top of the airframe.

Precise Positioning

By fusing GPS data with our IMU and barometer, the Alta 8 Pro is able to hold position even in difficult weather conditions.

Silent Drive

The Alta 8 Pro utilizes sinusoidal motor drives that are custom tuned to match the F45 and are optimized for speed, reliability, and robustness.

Height Hold

Alta 8 Pro fuses readings from accelerometers, barometer, and GPS to create high-bandwidth height control flight mode.


Long range telemetry modems give the user access to real time mission planning and critical flight information from 1000+ft away.

Closed Loop Control

The Alta silent drive motor controls have incredible closed-loop control of the propellers.


Alta Pro is everything we love and trust about Alta 8, now smarter, more precise and future-proof. From cinema to industrial applications, we’re excited to have this aircraft in our lineup.

- Drew Roberts, Wild Rabbit Aerial


Product Details


Alta 8 Pro comes fully assembled and includes all the necessary tools and accessories you will need to mount a Mōvi and get it flying:

  • Alta 8 Pro Multirotor
  • Quick Release Top Handle
  • Inverted Landing Gear for top mounting drone
  • Freefly Alta App available for download
  • FPV mount plate
  • Cables to connect your personal receivers and/or FPV system
  • Mechanical tools to disassemble and inspect your UAV

Not included: The standard Alta 8 Pro configuration does not include a Pelican case, Mōvi, batteries, a transmitter, receivers, the Aero Landing Gear (lower landing gear for flying MōVI in the bottom mount configuration, pictured), or an FPV system.


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