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We offer three versions: KOLIBRI 60 LV, KOLIBRI 90 LV and KOLIBRI 140 LV.

All versions have a high and stable performance. The KOLIBRI also provides the well-known safety functions of KONTRONIK products. As the software is based on our premium ESC KOSMIK, the KOLIBRI provides an optimal governor for your flight. It also features the well-known soft start-up and the flexible modus programming of the premium segment. 

In addition, all versions have a very strong BEC with up to 9 V and 10 A continuous current.

As a further highlight, we integrated the telemetry functions. So the KOLIBRI provides telemetric data for Futaba, Multiplex, Graupner, Mikado and Jeti without an additional TelMe module.

Of course, all versions are prepared for Bluetooth communication and online updates.

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USD $189.90

K4320 KOLIBRI 60 LV KOLIBRI 60 LV 2-6 S LiPo, 6-25 V 60 A continuous current BEC 10 A c..


USD $226.90

K4330 KOLIBRI 90 LV KOLIBRI 90 LV 2-6 S LiPo, 6-25 V 90 A continuous current BEC 10 A c..

K4340 KOLIBRI 140 LV

USD $319.90

K4340 KOLIBRI 140 LV KOLIBRI 140 LV 2-6 S LiPo, 6-25 V 140 A continuous current BEC 10 ..

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